About Us

St Nicholas Senior School was established in 2001. We offer a world class education promoting cultural diversity that is committed to producing an all-round learner.

The school is part of the St Nicholas Schools that includes the primary and kindergarten section that dates back to 1981.

St Nicholas senior school is an international school in Nairobi Kenya. That offers IGCSE Edexcel curriculum and A Level program . We also inspire students to achieve their full potential and prepare them for success in college, university.

We have a staff of dedicated, hardworking and professional body of teachers who work together to provide a conducive environment for learning. Our parents are also actively involved in the school and feel very much part of what is going on

We raise students who are polite, enthusiastic, well mannered, independent and keen to learn.

Trust your child to St Nicholas and we will deliver confident achievers.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing an education characterized by excellence, offering not only national and international academic programs but also providing a suitable environment for additional activities that students often choose for themselves. 


We aspire to create an environment that creates a whole person and to involve all stakeholders in the achievement of our aspirations, academically changing a school to be an open institution where small groups of students and pupils interact with the aim of helping each individual student to achieve set goals. 


We offer digital in person teaching by use of projectors  and laptops .  Our students also go through  online teaching this is made possible by use of  different online platforms that enables our students to be able to  upload class files, assignment, stream class tutorials  and work on  class academic projects. We produce students who are all round that includes  socially and mentally this is done through empowerments and mentorship programs  facilitated by the school.