At St. Nicholas Senior School , we  provide the foundation for the  IGCSE   Edxcel  curriculum, which ensures that all  learners  in (Years 7 – 9)  &  (Years 10 -11) learn a coherent and unified body of knowledge and academic skills.

Year 7 – Year 9

Students follow the Ed excel program in this program we take students through a wide range of subjects (12) that includes, Math, English, Science, Languages, foreign language technical and Humanities. Each year, pupils build on skills and knowledge with the aim of providing a solid foundation in their academics

Year 10 -Year 11

In Year 10, students start to prepare for their IGCSE examinations. Maths and English  are compulsory subjects  and each student must have atleast 1 science, humanity and a technical. Help and support is offered during this important decision and pupils are encouraged to think about their choices in the context of possible A levels or further education. IGCSE and GCSE examinations are mostly taken at the end of Year 11.

O Level admissions

Our admissions are done in September (start of our academic year) however students may be accepted at any time of the year .one is required to fully fill the application form and attach the supporting documents

A Level admissions

A level students must meet our general requirement of 5 GCSEs grades including English. Grade C and above in the subject or related subject at GCSE in order to qualify to study at A Level.


Admission Documents

All applicants must provide copies of their passports or copies birth certificate, previous report and leaving certificate from previous school 


Admission Exam

We subject incoming students are subjected to an oral interview and a test in the following subjects ENGLISH, MATHS AND ANY SCIENCE. The test is meant to help the teacher understand the Childs capability before joining any class, after which we guide the student and set a target on the academic performance. 

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing an education characterized by excellence, offering not only national and international academic programs but also providing a suitable environment for additional activities that students often choose for themselves. 


We aspire to create an environment that creates a whole person and to involve all stakeholders in the achievement of our aspirations, academically changing a school to be an open institution where small groups of students and pupils interact with the aim of helping each individual student to achieve set goals.