In 2017 we started a new boarding program which is optional for class 5 to 7 and compulsory for class 8 pupils. Both Boys and Girls. We have progressively monitored and nurtured the behavioral expectations which has greatly informed our success through the programme. We offer informative and interactive activities during weekdays and over the weekend on a very safe and ample environment.

Boarding facilities are of excellent quality and are capacious enough to accommodate a good number of learners. There are separate wings for both boys and girls, enough space and homely atmosphere. The bathroom facilities are fitted with showers which have warm water.
To provide more and high level of supervision and support to our pupils more staff are accommodated within the boarding section. The boarding has its own student common room with a T.V Set, a home theater and other facilities.

Weekday/Weekend lessons: Teachers are always available to offer class lessons, guided lessons, or oversee personal learning / group discussions.

Weekend activities: a wide range of activities is offered. These include sports, talent shows,trips.The swimming pool and indoor sports are also available under great eyes of the teachers and instructors.

Medical Health: The Pupils health is keenly monitored and incase of any medicals problem urgent communication and action is taken. The school has also connected with a well-qualified medical doctor who offer quite exemplary services.

Water, Electricity and security: The school is also connected with Nairobi County Water for water services and also has its own bore hole which provides for all Boarding Water needs and a large generator to ensure that we always have power. The school security is at its best and our pupils are very safe.

Boarding concerns: A boarding assembly is held regularly to raise issues of concern and to congratulate students who have achieved in areas of school life.

Meals: Meals provided are at the best state for they have their own qualified Chef and the students are regularly consulted about the menu. All meals are served in the dining hall.

Laundry Services: This is done on Wednesdays and on Saturdays under very keen watch and guidance of their mother matrons.